Monthly Archives: February 2016

The China house bubble and the leverage behind

The home price in China’s tier one cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) started another around of rally in the last couple months, and became “crazy” in Feb as described by the Chinese who form lines to buy the apartments everywhere.  When I saw this online commercial as below, I cannot help asking myself: Really? … Read More »

How to drink well with Chinese

Well, this topic is not purely about economy or finance, but if you want to do business well in China then you have learn how to drink well with local Chinese.  Here are the tips: 1. Lower Your Glass It’s a social custom that you lower your glass when cheers-ing people you respect. However, it’s… Read More »

One industry sees magnificent growth in a slowing China

While the majority of China’s industrial related sectors are slowing in the last couple years, some sub-sectors within the consumption sector still experience very strong growth.  The China film industry is one of the strongest growth stories there.  In the just past China Lunar New Year holidays (2.7-2.13), the China movie box office surged 65.8%… Read More »

Finally, China’s Alan Greenspan speaks out

Finally, China’s Alan Greenspan, Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan speaks out in an interview with Caixin Magzine.  The market has been waiting for his comment on Yuan since the RMB exchange rate reform in Aug 2015.  However, he has been hiding and did not “give a clear message” as asked by IMF chief Lagarde.  Just before the… Read More »